Our process

Our systemised end-to-end design and factory build process ensures better quality, faster build times and less delays. Where conventional building would usually cost you more, it’s where we save you.

We remove the risk of building delays, site disruptions and cost blow outs. There are no costly surprises, only good ones. Learn more about our easy to follow process.

The Rydges Modular Home Design

Ready to move in sooner

We offer a full turnkey solution ready to move in. We design and build your new home in our Sunshine Coast facility and deliver it to your site, anywhere in Queensland. Following our expedited building approvals process, you’ll be ready to move in to your home in less than 12 weeks.

Our systemised end-to-end process means we can offer fixed price contracts with no hidden fees or variations. Our factory process takes approximately 12 weeks to build your home. Our installation process is done all in the one day, followed by a week of finishing, cleaning and service connections.

We take a collaborative approach to the planning and certification process prior to building your modular home. Because we use our off-site building facility, we’re able to work simultaneously at your site and maximise efficiencies. We offer minimal site disruptions — typically a week for footings and a week for finishing.

We arrange everything:

  • All site works, including footings
  • Transport of your new home
  • Crane services
  • Connection of services
  • Final handover and documentation
  • Decking and balconies (if specified)

The Saltair Modular difference


Move in sooner with our faster construction times that more than halve a conventional build. From the time you say ‘yes’ to when we hand over the keys, is usually less than 12 weeks.


Less delays, no costly surprises. We offer fixed priced contracts with no hidden fees or variations, unless they’re driven by you.


We design, construct and project manage your home in our factory, and also manage installation and site works. Our controlled workplace ensures greater quality control and less disruptions.


Because we use an off-site building facility, we’re also able to work at your site and maximise efficiencies. We offer minimal site disruptions of 2 weeks in most cases.

Modular Home Sunshine Coast end to end process

Frequently Asked Questions about Modular Homes

What makes the Modular home building process different from conventional building methods?

The Modular Home end-to-end design and factory build process is systemised to ensure better quality, faster build times, and fewer delays. Unlike conventional buildings, which can be prone to delays, site disruptions, and cost overruns, our method removes these risks, offering fixed-price contracts with no hidden fees or costly surprises.

How quickly can I move into a Modular home?

You can move into your new modular home in less than 12 weeks. Thanks to our expedited building approvals process and efficient off-site construction in our Sunshine Coast facility, we significantly reduce the time it takes to build your home compared to traditional methods.

Does Saltair Modular offer a fixed price contract?

Yes, Saltair Modular offers fixed price contracts. Our systemised factory process allows us to provide a full turnkey solution with no hidden fees or variations. You’ll know the cost upfront, ensuring financial peace of mind.

What services are included in the installation of a new modular home?

Our comprehensive service covers all site works, including footings, transport of your new modular home to anywhere in Queensland, crane services for placement, connection of utilities, and final handover with all necessary documentation. Additionally, we offer decking and balconies if specified in the design.

How does a modular home minimise on-site disruptions during the building process?

By using an off-site building facility for the construction of your modular home, we minimise on-site disruptions to typically just two weeks—one week for laying the footings and one week for final finishing. This collaborative planning and certification approach allows us to work simultaneously at your site and in our facility, maximising efficiency and convenience.